Assault and battery charges are of the more common criminal charges filed in the United States. While mentioned and considered together, assault and battery represent two separate and distinct legal concepts, each covering a particular aspect of violence.

Attorney Peter Blair represents individuals charged with misdemeanor or felony assault and battery including, but not limited to, following offenses:

  • Fights at bars, night clubs or concerts
  • Gang related fights
  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual assault and battery
  • Assault and battery on a law enforcement officer
  • Child Endangerment
  • Elder Abuse
  • Assault and Battery resulting in great bodily injury
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Assault with a firearm
  • Vehicular Assault

A criminal conviction on your record will be detrimental to future scholastic and employment opportunities. Even an arrest that does not ultimately result in a conviction will be a stain on an otherwise clean record. Whether you are being investigated, or have been arrested with pending charges for assault and battery, do not gamble with your future and contact our office immediately for a free confidential consultation. An attorney will be available 24 hours a day to discuss your case.

Penalties for Assault & Battery

It is impossible to predict how the court will penalize for assault and battery charges without knowing the specific facts about your case. If you or a loved one are facing assault and battery charges, be very cautious when attempting to obtain potential penalties by going online. Many criminal attorney websites offer information based on inapplicable worst-case scenarios in hopes the client will hire them out of fear. Every case is different. The scale of penalties varies in every case. Even the statutory punishments listed on many websites are largely inapplicable in most cases when it comes down to sentencing. Online resources and attorney websites can only give you generic sentencing possibilities. Only by contacting and speaking to an experienced assault and battery attorney will you be able to properly gauge what penalties may lie ahead, if any at all. The sooner you contact an attorney, the better chance we can help prevent the filing of charges before the court case begins.

Do Not Wait For The Court Date To Contact An Attorney

Being arrested doesn’t mean that you have been charged. Simply because you have a court date, it does not necessarily mean that court date is going to move forward. If you get in contact with an attorney before the charges are filed, you can prevent harsher punishment. During the time frame in which you are arrested and the pending court date, the police reports are sent to the prosecutor for their review. Only upon the prosecutors review of the reports that not only a crime occurred, the defendant committed the crime, that the crime is so severe in nature that should be prosecuted, and that it will successfully be prosecuted, will the prosecutor file charges. It is during this time that Attorney Peter Blair works aggressively with his team of investigators to attack each one of these factors in order to prevent or reduce charges before they are filed.

Felony vs Misdemeanor

As a general overview, penalties for assault and battery vary widely depending on whether the crime is a misdemeanor, felony, or serious/violent felony. It will also depend on whether there are any prior offenses, the extent of the injuries, whether there were any weapons involved, the conduct alleged, whether there was physical violence, or other violence, such as making a criminal threat, disobeying a restraining order, or stalking.

Defenses to Assault and Battery

Upon contacting our office, Attorney Peter Blair will conduct a thorough review of the facts of the case formulate a defense strategy to have the charges reduced or dismissed. At times, assault accusations are made out of spite or anger after being provoked. You may have also been defending yourself against the attack of another. This information needs to be thoroughly investigated and presented to the prosecutor and the court. Your best interests are our priority and we will keep you fully abreast of the progress on your case. We want you to be informed as to what the charges mean, the potential penalties, and how these can be combatted.

You must move quickly to protect your rights. Taking an aggressive approach now and acting before the prosecutor files formal charges will afford you the best chance to avoid maximum penalties, or a conviction altogether. For a free initial consultation contact us online, or call us at any time, 24/7 at (619) 357-4977.