The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has been around for almost 100 years protecting your rights and defending you in your time of need. The ACLU, in their own words, takes the ‘toughest civil liberties cases’ and defends you from abuse of the government in your dire time of need. Did you know that, when it comes to being stopped by police, you have rights? Many people tend to freeze up and might not be sure of what to do or say when they are being pulled over, but you should always understand that you have many basic rights under the law. Here is an ACLU explanation of your rights you have when being stopped.

ACLU Explanation of Rights 

Stopped on the Streets: You have rights when you are stopped on the streets. Legally, you don’t have to answer questions and can tell the police that you don’t want to talk to them under the law. If you are free to go, you can virtually walk away from the scene. If you are under arrest, then you can be detained. If there is reasonable suspicion that you are armed, they are permitted to pat you down, but you are permitted to refuse a search under the law.

Stopped in Your Car: Always keep your hands where police can see them and show your driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance when the police ask for them. You do not have to answer questions and you do not have to consent to a search.

Arrested: If you are arrested, you must be given a statement of your constitutional rights. It always helps to have an attorney when an arrest has been made. Ask to speak to your lawyer immediately and they can help you from there. 

Answering Questions: If you have been arrested, you do not have to answer questions. As for a lawyer as soon as possible so that you can move forward, as they can advise you of the best steps. 

Treated Badly: If you have been treated badly by officials, you should always receive the name, badge number, and other information related to the officer. Find witnesses to the incident and receive medical treatment as soon as possible.

We want to talk to you as soon as possible if you believe that your rights have been violated. Now that you have an ACLU explanation of your rights, we want to help if you believe there has been any sort of violation. Call us as soon as possible at the Law Office of Peter Blair to get started immediately.