If you fail to pull off a crime after you planned on committing it, it is known as a criminal attempt. You may see cases like this when there is attempted murder, where a defendant does not follow through with the actual murder. If a defendant has taken the steps to commit the crime even though they didn’t completely follow through, this can still be seen as an attempt and you may pay for your crime. This is why it helps to have us on your side if you have been charged with an attempt to commit a violent or serious felony.

Where Intent Plays the Biggest Role 

Crimes that have been attempted are also known as incomplete crimes. Without establishing intent to commit the crime, there can be no conviction. Sometimes, to be convicted of an offense, you must do more than “merely prep” for the situation. The prosecution must prove things like sitting and preparing for the crime, going and buying weapons, following the victim, or attempting to break in to execute the murder, only to have the plan become interrupted or fail. This means that you could be charged for attempt just from “setting the wheels in motion” that could lead to the crime.

There are many ways that a crime could become interrupted, leading to an attempt. For instance, in the case of murder, perhaps an alarm system went off and alerted the police, so the murder could not be fulfilled in that particular building. However, you were still about to commit the crime, which is where the attempt comes in. Generally, there are stages leading up to this act, including the consideration of the crime, an affirmation that the crime will be committed, a preparation for the crime, and the beginning of a commission of the crime. Though incomplete, it can still leave you with an attempt charge.

Being charged and convicted with attempt of a serious crime can be daunting and frightening. With the right defense attorney, you may be able to evade these charges, especially with a lack of evidence in your case. It is important to speak to us as soon as possible after you have been charged. We are waiting to hear from you.