Various white collar crimes take place in California every year, which are crimes that are committed through deceit and motivated by some type of financial gain by the defendant. Banking fraud is another type of white collar crime that occurs when somebody chooses to deliberately engage in a secret scheme or deception to take from a bank or another financial institution.

Types of Bank Fraud

Bank Impersonation: When you act as a financial institution and gain customers who want to deposit funds, but your institution is fake

Stolen Checks: You steal checks and open a bank account under a different name to deposit the checks and redeem the money 

Forgery: You alter a check by changing the name on it, and then turn the check into a check for more money 

Fraudulent Loans: If you take out a loan and then immediately file for bankruptcy 

Internet Fraud: Creating a website for the purpose of faking a banking institution to obtain money from others

Accounting Fraud: Tampering with or changing information within a company’s accounting records so that the company looks like more than it is actually worth 

Credit Card Fraud: Stealing a credit card and making purchases online

Many of these cases are done digitally because, in today’s time, we have the technology to do good as well as more freedom to commit serious crimes. In a variety of cases, banking fraud occurs through a defendant that holds a position within an institution and comes off as a trustworthy individual.

If you have been charged with this crime, you may wonder where to turn. Perhaps you didn’t actually commit the crime and want to raise a defense. In every instance of banking fraud, these criminal offenses are subject to monetary penalties and incarceration. Actual perpetrators of these crimes spend time changing information online, falsifying identities of certain individuals, modifying records, and more. If you need help with your case, call us today. We will help you no matter how serious the charge.