Burglar before burglary into the houseThere are many variables that play a role in determining whether or not burglaries are more commonplace around the holidays. FBI data has actually shown that burglaries peak during the summer but will trend upwards close to December. In fact, in California in 2011, there was an 18% increase in burglaries. Some cities reported that they experienced the greatest number of burglaries in the weeks after Christmas. Many researchers believe that the reason why burglars will strike so close to Christmas is because people tend to travel during this time, leaving behind some of their most expensive gifts. The average loss from one of these Christmas-related events is $1,600.

Keeping a look-out for burglars during this time of year is the best way to keep your personal belongings safe. Police find burglars “window shopping” all the time around the Christmas season, scoping out the perfect homes for stealing. Some of these same people will take on the personalities of salesmen as they determine which home to target. Always keep a lookout.

What You Can Do About It 

Of course, there are other ways to keep yourself safe and protect items that are special to you around the holidays. Follow some of these quick tips:

Leaving a light on: By leaving a light on at your house, you can fool a thief into believing that you are home even when you’re not. By keeping the appearance of being home and having neighbors check on your property while you’re away, you can protect the things that matter most to you. 

Locking your vehicle: When you’re doing Christmas shopping and running from store to store, you don’t want to leave gifts in plain sight of thieves. Put your purchases in your trunk to protect them.

Understanding your assets: Always keep an inventory of items that mean the most to you. If you end up getting burglarized, you will know what is missing if you have to make a claim. Protect your assets around the holidays and follow these simple tips.