Prisoner in handcuffs clenching fistsIn California, the Appellate Court plays an extremely important role of hearing the appeal of a trial court’s decision. The trial court is the superior court so, if your case is headed to appellate court, it is headed to a final decision through appeals. The appellate court handles the appeals of limited civil cases that involve an amount that is $25,000 or less as well as appeals of unlimited civil cases in 1 of the 6 California Courts of Appeal.

In California, there just so happen to be 6 appellate districts. Each one of these districts has a Court of Appeal that hears appeals from the decisions of the trial courts. Through your attorney, you can gain more information on what district you will be seeing and how you can start the process for your case.

Important Things You Should Know 

The appellate court can be extremely complicated, which is why you should find an experienced attorney who has dedication and knowledge in this field. At The Law Office of Peter Blair, we have this experience. It is important to act quickly because there is a deadline to be met when you want to appeal. If a notice of appeal is not filed within the time limits, your right to appeal is essentially lost for good. The appellate court has no jurisdiction to entertain the appeal once the deadline has arrived. They also will not consider new evidence, which is why you must make your case and follow through with the trial courts. If it is not listed in trial court record, it does not exist in the eyes of the appellate.

If you believe that there was error in the trial court or believe that your case was not handled properly, pushing your case to the appellate court may be the best method to get the results you deserve with your misdemeanor case. We will help you every step of the way through this process. Call us today for more.