Man in suit addressing jurors in courtroomIf you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony in California, you will be entitled to a jury trial. However, you want your trial to be fair, too. Having a criminal defense attorney on your side protecting your rights will be able to fill you in on the California criminal jury trial process and what you should expect. Jury trials can sometimes be confusing and are broken down into phases such as the jury selection, opening statements, evidence, closing arguments, jury deliberations, verdict, and sentencing. We will explain the most important aspects of your jury trial so you know what to expect.

Jury Selection 

The judge will request jurors so that the process can begin. The judge will tell selected jurors a little bit about the case as well as making sure that they are free of bias. Questioning will take place until the judge has selected 12 people to be on the jury. A juror must consider only evidence given to them by the court regarding that specific case.

The Actual Trial 

A juror must never talk to others about the case and only listen to the evidence presented in the courtroom. The juror must never make up their mind before they hear all the evidence and should never conduct their own investigation of the case. The attorneys will give their opening statements and evidence in many different forms (such as weapons, photographs, and more) as well as give their closing statements. The judge will then give instructions on the Law to help jurors arrive at the verdict.

Jury Deliberations 

The jury will go through with their deliberations by giving their opinions based on the evidence that has been presented to them. When a verdict is reached, you will know the outcome of the case. Trials can sometimes be hard to understand, which is why we are here for you and will help you with this delicate process. Call us for help if you have exercised your right to a jury trial and need more information on your case.