Faceless Gun Toting HoodlumIn recent years, gang crimes have become extremely prevalent in California. Some of the reasons why gang violence becomes a bigger issue in specific years is because of gang members being taken from confinement, intragang conflict, and the emergence of new gangs. A large majority of the gang crimes taking place in California revolve around violent crimes, property crimes, and drug sales. But what is being done about it?

Gangs Being Viewed in California

Law enforcement will determine gangs most often based on race, clothing, and the neighborhood itself. However, sometimes this means that innocent people are also criminalized somewhere in the works which doesn’t get to the root of the problem. Because of rising crimes, legislators have taken new approaches such as “gang enhancements,” which help punish those who involve themselves in gang-related crimes as well as help deter violence.

Something known as the Step Act was put in place to add time to adult defendants involved in gang cases. This law created mandatory sentencing minimums and could lead to excessive prison sentences. One of the issues that has been introduced in these cases is the fact that many believe that these laws are racist and focus on behavior of various races within certain neighborhoods. Other people believe it is a good idea to help keep crime off the streets. There is also a fear that STEP could take away the rehabilitation aspect that helps many people every year. What do you think?

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