Did you know that, if you are sentenced for a drug crime, you might not always go to prison? Sometimes, if it is your first offense or a low-level offense, you may find that you instead receive rehabilitation time as an alternative. An addiction treatment program might be the best idea for you, especially if you are wanting to evade prison and get some serious help after the crime has been committed.

How Drug Courts Will Help 

Drug courts will dictate whether you receive rehabilitation over jail when it comes to an alternative for your crime. Drug court is a specialized court program that is tailored to those who have been arrested for any types of drug offenses, especially if they are juvenile offenders who struggle with alcohol dependence, adult criminal offenders, or parents who are at risk of losing custody of their children because of their addiction.

Drug courts can help with many aspects of your case, especially as they have been designed to reduce your risk of relapsing and recidivism in your community. They are meant to stop defendants from returning to criminal behavior as well as move forward to lead a happy life.

Through drug court sentencing, you could find that you will be thoroughly assessed by a team who understands that you need during this difficult time, have supervision, interact with a team that is on your side, receive incentives for positive behavior, addiction treatment services, and more.

Drug court programs tend to only enroll those who have not been convicted of a violent crime. They also have very high completion rates, which means that you have a good chance of not committing the same crime in the future.

At the Law Office of Peter Blair, we want to help you receive the help you deserve when you have been arrested for a serious drug crime and you are worried about the results that sentencing might bring. Let us help every step of the way when it comes to your case.