Can the Federal Government Investigate a Case at the Same Time as State PoliceWhen a federal case takes place, the FBI typically gets involved. Their investigative authority is very broad compared to the rest of all federal law enforcement agencies. It emphasizes close relations and information sharing with other federal, state, local, and international law enforcement agencies.

However, it is important to remember that the FBI is not a type of national police force. Instead, it is a national security organization that works closely with many partners in our country and around the globe.

They work to address some very serious security threats that we face as a nation. So, a question that some people have is: Is the Federal Government permitted to investigate a case at the same time as the State Police can?

First of all, where did the crime take place? Investigating by law enforcement will take place in the same state that the crime occurred, and then hand the case off to a local prosecuting agency. You can take, for example, a theft taking place. After it occurs, the local police will look into the case, report findings, and take them to the county district attorney’s office. After this, the district attorney decides whether or not they want to file charges against the subject.

However, you must remember that the federal government has jurisdiction over some cases that the state government is permitted to prosecute. If the state decides to prosecute, the federal government is still allowed to as well. Because of this, sometimes the federal government will be investigating a case simultaneously. However, they are still doing so independently from a local police agency. Sometimes even further, the federal government and a state government will investigate a case together.

An example of this is a case that involved the shooting of an unarmed Missouri teen in August of 2014. Supposedly, according to a witness, a cop slung inappropriate speech at a young adult to get off of a sidewalk and, when he continued to walk to reach his destination, the young adult was grabbed around the neck. The police chased after him and he was shot, even though he was unarmed. Aside from the St. Louis County Police Department investigating, the FBI took on the case simultaneously as a parallel investigation. This means that the cop could face federal charges at the same time. The federal government is always permitted to take jurisdiction where police officers are involved, meaning they can prosecute the agent for intentionally depriving somebody of their rights by unreasonable force.

What Happens After Evidence is Gathered From an Investigation?
If a violation of federal law has taken place, then the Bureau will conduct an investigation. When information is gathered during that investigation, it is presented to the appropriate U.S. Attorney or Department of Justice official. From there, they will determine whether or not prosecution or further action needs to take place. Evidence is then returned or will be retained for the court process. If a federal crime took place and the FBI was in charge, they will arrest the person, take them into custody, photograph them, and fingerprint them.

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