Carjacking crimes are very serious, sometimes-violent offenses. Usually, those who are accused of these crimes find themselves in a situation where a car was stolen in a forceful or violent manner. Sometimes these crimes even involve weapons, such as a gun used to expel the vehicle owner out of the car so that they can deprive them of the car. Often times, carjacking crimes use some type of tricks designed to get the owner out of the car so that they can take it and drive away.

Some of the elements of a carjacking case include the following:

  • Defendant stole a vehicle that was not their own
  • Vehicle was taken from the immediate presence of the owner
  • Vehicle was taken against the owner’s will
  • Defendant used fear or force
  • Defendant meant to permanently deprive the owner of their vehicle

Carjacking Crimes: Federal Crimes?

Carjacking is seen as a federal crime in most cases. This means that, if you are convicted of this crime, you could see harsher penalties and maybe even more time in prison. You could experience 15 years-life for the crime. This will depend on whether or not the victim was injured or killed. Of course, if there is serious bodily harm (which happens in many carjacking cases) you could receive stricter penalties.

Every single state across the U.S. considers carjacking to be a felony crime. Some states have statutes all of their own, which could change the punishment. If you have been charged with one of these crimes, you know that you could be facing harsh penalties like many years in prison, harsh fines, and more. This is why you should have an experienced defense attorney on your side.

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