Tablets on dollar bills (treatment, addiction, aging - concept).Federal and state laws state that it is illegal to manufacture or cultivate illegal drugs like methamphetamine or marijuana. If you have ever been involved in taking part in any step of the drug production process, this is illegal and you could be charged with a crime. Before you are convicted with the crime of drug manufacturing, the prosecutor must prove some elements. Some elements may not be enough. For instance, the police may find one of the key ingredients of methamphetamine in your car, but this may not be enough to prosecute for a manufacturing offense. However, probable cause could occur if they also found laboratory equipment in the car at the time.

If you have been charged with production of drugs, you may receive a felony in many cases. This could lead to prison time, steep fines, and probation. If you were charged with the crime near a school or playground, the prison sentence or fines could double!

Marijuana Cultivation: State vs. Federal

Marijuana state and federal drug laws are an exception to many rules. The federal government, you see, treats marijuana cultivation similar to the manufacture of other Schedule I drugs. Cultivation of less than 50 marijuana plants can result up to 5 years in prison. Some states (like Colorado and Washington) have legalized marijuana’s recreational use, but only non-medical users can cultivate the plant.

As you may have found, depending on the laws in your state, there may be some exceptions in regards to the crime you have been charged with. This is why it is important to speak to an attorney about your case. Call us today if you want to speak to an attorney that is well versed in drug laws and can help you with your case, at The Law Office of Peter Blair.