Being charged with a felony isn’t only a serious moment in your life, it is also a very stressful time. You may worry about what comes next: from spending time in prison or paying large fines, to other penalties like probation and community service. You may have options after your charge that you weren’t even familiar with, which we will explain to you today.

After Being Charged: Here’s What You Could Do

Remain Silent: You have heard the popular phrase “You have a right to remain silent” and this is true – it is your Fifth Amendment right. This means that, in order to avoid incriminating yourself, you could remain silent until you await help from your attorney. 

Be Polite: If you are aggressive with authorities, it can just lead to more frustrations or charges. Never resist officers, because you don’t want to end up with additional charges.

Contact Your Attorney: Contact your attorney as soon as possible. If you speak to an attorney as soon as you have been accused, they will walk you through the process of what to expect so that you know what is coming. You don’t want to set yourself up for an easy conviction with the prosecutor, so you want to know all of your rights. 

Do Your Research: Always do research on the felony you are facing, if possible, so that you know the consequences and best course of action in your case. Perhaps it will lead to weighing the options of a felony or misdemeanor. A misdemeanor may be a much better charge in your case. 

Don’t Post Bail: Speak to your attorney before you look into posting bail. Maybe there is an easier way for you to be released instead of bail. Perhaps bail will be posted and you’ll end up getting out, which means that your loved one will have wasted their funds.

Be Honest: You never want to lie to your attorney about the details of your case. If they know the most accurate information, they can help you. Your story is completely confidential. They can help you the most when they have the full story.

Make a List: Make a list of all the thing you remember to keep information accurate. Also make a list of any witnesses who may have been there at the time. 

Attend Court: Never fail to attend your court proceedings. If you are out on bail and miss court, evidence could be laid out against you and the penalties could be harsher than you expected. Make sure you are always reminded of the times to appear.

If you have been charged with a felony, the best place to start is with your attorney. We can help in your time of need. Just give us a call today so we can get started.