Gripping the steel barsVarious types of fraud, including pyramid schemes and more, are known as white collar crimes today. These financial crimes are happening in large numbers in our modern times. If you were charged with a white collar crime, you may wonder what options you have, especially if you speak to an attorney about what types of penalties you may receive for your crimes. The truth is, the penalties for these crimes have started becoming harsher, as they affect people on a huge financial scale, risking many important aspects of a victim’s life. People who commit fraud and embezzlement crimes, for instance, may see decades behind prison bars.

For instance, there have been many recent cases where several people have been charged with multiple felonies for white collar crimes. They are seeing upwards of many years to life in prison for their crimes. This is why, with the help of your attorney, it may be smart to seek a plea bargain instead of letting your case make it to trial, where the judge will be free to rule whatever they choose. With a plea bargain, as opposed to trial, you will have a guaranteed sentence – and hopefully one that works for you.

How These Sentences are Determined

So why are sentences for white collar crimes so extensive? The aspects of the defendant’s behavior and the crimes committed will help you reach this answer. Only over the past few decades, the punishments for federal white collar crimes (such as those on fraud and money laundering levels) have grown significantly in severity. Guidelines are created through the losses of the fraudulent activity and so much more. Many judges view white collar crimes as “economic homicide” that takes away the livelihood of its victims, which is why they are treated so seriously. Sometimes the lines become blurred and it is difficult to determine what the sentence should be for individuals. If you believe that you have been treated unfairly in your criminal case or didn’t commit the crime in question, you may need a defense attorney on your side to avoid the harsh penalties put in place for those who commit these crimes.