Charges for Underage DUIRecently in September 2015, a very serious accident took place in Orangevale, California. A teenager lost control of his car, according to California Highway Patrol Officers, and drifted into oncoming traffic. The teen sustained accidents as well as his own passenger, and were transported to UC Davis Medical Center. But that isn’t all – there were three women and one man in the other car that he collided with who sustained injuries as well. Witnesses told the cops that the teen’s truck also knocked a sign in front of their home 30 feet from where it stood. However, this accident could have been much more serious. You see, each year many people lose their lives to these types of accidents. The young teenager involved in the accident was under the influence when the accident occurred. Driving under the influence not only risks the driver’s life, but also all of those who are involved as well. What happens when a teenager is involved in a car accident and is suspected of driving under the influence? Will they face penalties? Lose their license? Do jail time? Now you can find out more about these very serious accidents.

Zero Tolerance

The truth is, more parents need not turn a blind eye to the actions of their teenagers and teenagers should know that consequences await if they are to engage in illegal activity. In the 1980s, laws were introduced known as the Zero Tolerance Laws. They were set in due to the amount of teenage drunk driving injuries and deaths. Due to zero tolerance laws, if a minor is under 21 years of age and is caught driving with a negligible percentage of alcohol in his or her blood, then they will be arrested for a DUI immediately.

Penalties for Teenage Drunk Driving (DUI)

You may find that the law is stricter on teenagers who drive drunk than adults who do the same. This is because teenagers are not only driving under the influence, but they are also driving underage! Many times you will find that a teenager is not only charged with a DUI but also violations of Child Endangerment Laws, minor in possession of alcohol, and soliciting alcohol from an adult. Many minors who receive a DUI will be charged with a class one misdemeanor, which remains on record even as an adult. Teenage DUI convictions will typically result in up to one year in jail for a first time offender. If a minor is caught driving drunk more than once, they will always receive a jail sentence. This could range from a few days to a few years depending on how severe the case was and if somebody was injured or even killed. Teenagers may also expect to be put on probation for a few years as well as be ordered to undergo a diversion program like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

Alcohol Testing

What happens if a teen refuses to submit to alcohol testing when they are involved in a drunken driving crash or are pulled over by the cops? They could lose their license for up to three years in many states. A refusal to submit to testing could be seen as an admission of guilt in the eyes of the court. Police will use any means necessary to prove that the teenager was under the influence, such as erratic driving and the fact that the teenager’s breath smelled like alcohol. If a teenager you know has been involved in a car accident and it was found that they were under the influence, they could be looking at many penalties from losing their license to being arrested. So what can you do for this teenager? Call an attorney you can trust with your case who may be able to offer help. Call The Law Office of Peter Blair today for more information on your case.