How does check fraud occur? Many types of fraud occur every year, with people falling victim all the time. Many of these cases are extremely serious, with thousands to millions of dollars being stolen. Check fraud occurs when misinformation is used as a way to authorize a check that isn’t real. Sometimes, criminals do this as a way to access other people’s funds, which can lead to financial distress in many ways. This ranges from printing false checks, forging signatures, using fake IDs, and more.

Is There Any Way to Bring a Defense?  

As with many other crimes, there are also legal defenses that you can bring in a check fraud case when you have been accused of this crime that steals people’s financial livelihood. Check fraud defenses depend on the exact scenario because every case is different. For instance, perhaps check fraud was committed under duress, or when somebody has forced you to steal money from another person’s account in this way or else you would be threatened with bodily harm. Another example is lack of intent. If you committed the crime by accident and you can show this, you can’t be convicted of the crime.

In many cases, the check itself shows that the crime was committed. In other cases, it becomes very difficult to prove a claim and the odds might not be stacked against you. Either way, this is a serious criminal offense since it involves depriving a person of their personal belongings, so it is very important to have an attorney on your side through every step of the process. Your attorney will be able to help you with every step of the process, such as showing you which defenses are applicable and helping you understand the laws in California.

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