If you are being accused of insurance fraud, it is in your best interest to speak to a criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible to get started on the best defense tactics in your case. Sometimes, a simple mistake could lead to a case that will pull you under, which is why it is a good idea to have somebody experienced helping you fight for your rights. Because many of these cases can end in you being charged with a felony due to an intentional submission of claims or documentation, you must call us as soon as you have all the information on your case. Today we will share with you some of the most common types of insurance fraud and help you understand how these cases can spiral out of control.

Insurance Fraud 

Stolen Car: One of the ways these crimes is committed, is when a car owner sells his car to a body shop to be used as parts and then reports the car stolen. The other way is when the car is sold to an overseas buyer and reported stolen. 

Car Damage: Some people report a small car accident, get an estimate for the damages, and then they never get their car fixed. Premiums for others will only increase in insurance companies, so it affects everyone.

Health Insurance Billing Fraud: Sometimes, healthcare providers will bill companies a high fee for the most standard of procedures or bill services that never took place. For instance, they may bill for a surgery that you never had and the victim would never even know it.

Staged Home Fire: In some cases, a homeowner may remove important items from their house or make sure that the insurance company knows that there were expensive items inside their house, and then destroys them with a fire. In many cases, the homeowner can account for where they were so that the incident doesn’t seem ‘suspicious,’ and hires other criminals to set fire to the home.

Renter’s Insurance: Renters will sometimes take out policies to cover their possessions in a home they are renting. The insured will then report them stolen to collect insurance money on them.

Unnecessary Medical Procedures: Doctors can sometimes take advantage of their patients by sending them for unnecessary testing to make more money.

Because you could be facing a felony if you have committed any type of insurance fraud, it is best to speak to us today. We can give you the best legal guidance and help make you aware of how to move forward. Call us for more information on the role we can play.