Illegal Young man Spraying black paint on a Graffiti wall.When you have a child that committed a crime, you may wonder what you can do to help them through this difficult time that could have an impact on the rest of their life. The good news is that your minor will likely be tried in juvenile court instead of adult criminal court, which could have life-changing penalties in their everyday life. There are many common juvenile crimes that we will discuss today, as well as what to expect in your case if you are the adult in your child’s life.

Common Juvenile Crimes 

Many of the cases that are seen in California involving juveniles are first-time offenses. They tend to be misdemeanors like vandalism, shoplifting or petty theft, simple assault, underage drinking, or joyriding. However, there are made felonies that are filed every year such as homicide and grand theft, which can lead to adult criminal court charges. Fortunately, many judges in the juvenile court system see the importance in rehabilitating juvenile offenders rather than punishing them like adults. In many of these cases, alternative sentencing options will be given instead of jail time. This can include mandatory counseling sessions, parole programs, or probation. If the juvenile demonstrates good behavior, in many cases they may see early release from these alternative programs.

Parental Responsibility

You, as the parent of a child, have parental responsibilities that involve your child’s crime. When your child causes damage through their crime, such as one of the crimes mentioned previously, they may have to pay restitution, which is money used to compensate for losses caused by the child’s crime. This means that, if your child caused somebody harm through injuries or stole something, you may have to refund them for what was stolen or for their medical bills from the hospital. In California, you have options. However, you must speak to a defense attorney who understands these laws and can help you with your case. Call us today for more.