Counterfeit Merchandise: A Federal OffenseIf you have been to a band concert, you may have walked by various street tables hosting counterfeit merchandise. Most of this merchandise may be tempting due to the fact that it is about half the price of what you find inside at the concert, though none of the money goes to the band. The band AC/DC has filed a lawsuit recently to send U.S. Marshals and police officers to several of the cities listed on their upcoming tour to put an end to the selling of these illegal items. They are filing for authorities to arrest all offenders and seize the counterfeit merchandise. Kroll Associates is just another name working toward putting an end to counterfeit merchandise.

Many working for this company will find China-made items with real tags but fake product. It has been found that Chinese counterfeiting has cost an outstanding $20 billion a year in lost profits! It is being found that many of the products made in China are unreliable and even dangerous knockoffs of well-known international brands. The counterfeiting problem is becoming even more of an issue than it was in previous years. There are millions of counterfeit items out there like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Dolce & Gabbana being some of the biggest in purses and goods. Zippo lighters are even counterfeited.

The issue is this: Counterfeiting is a form of trademark infringement and is illegal!

Consumers are becoming duped and the big-name companies are losing out on money that should have gone to them for the making of their products. Selling counterfeit items is a bad idea for a business because the trademark owner may decide to chase after you and you will lose every single one of your business investments and assets. You will also never be able to predict how well your business will go and you will almost always need an illegal connection to obtain these products.

Many people are caught counterfeiting as a result of online sales or because somebody has taken the initiative to report them. Many people will get caught and it is only a matter of time. There are punishments involved when you are caught, as you should know. These penalties are extremely harsh. Intentionally using a counterfeit mark may lead to an award of three times the profits or damages plus the fees of an attorney.

You may receive something known as a Cease-and-Desist letter, which is set in place to stop you from selling the illegal and immoral goods. If you obtain one of these letters from the company asking you to stop, you may choose to keep selling the knockoffs, which is not a good idea. The lawyer may file a lawsuit against you and enforce you to stop selling the items. It could even end in the shutting down of your business. The lawyer may choose to drop the entire suit if you stop selling the knockoffs. In any scenario, you will probably be pursued and will probably lose! There are also enormous penalties for counterfeiting U.S. Currency.

You may actually receive a fine of up to $250,000 from the federal government as well as a prison sentence of up to twenty years for obligations and securities. If there has been a financial gain from the counterfeiting, a defendant may even be subject to a larger fine.

If you have become involved in a counterfeit merchandise lawsuit, you may need an attorney on your side. You may not have expected for things to get this serious and now have somebody pursuing a lawsuit against you. Call an attorney you can trust at the Law Office of Peter Blair. We can answer your questions and help you in any way.