In California, court works a little differently for veterans, in California’s specialized Veterans Treatment Courts. These courts work as a way for the courts to specifically target the root causes of a veteran’s criminal behavior and offer treatment and support where it is needed. This program works with a variety of useful sources for veterans, from a judicial officer, to treatment providers, mentors, and other support teams. This court is available to those who are entering the criminal justice system for the first time or have already entered. They address some of the underlying causes of behavior and substance abuse issues, commonly focusing on aspects like post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, anger issues, domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse, and more.

Finding Out if You Are Eligible 

You may wonder if you or a loved one are eligible for Veterans Treatment Court. Luckily for you, these courts accept all military branches and encompass a wide range of felonies. If you have served in the military, have plead guilty in a criminal case, are experiencing one of the mentioned mental health disorders, and agree to participate in a 15-18 month program, you may be eligible.

By working with an attorney who is on your side, you will request that your case be transferred to Veterans Court through an altogether different process than the court process you may currently be going through. The judge in your case will agree with you upon a treatment plan that may work for you to get you back on your feet after a crime has taken place and they get to the root of the problem. These treatment programs are closely monitored by the court.

The bright side: If you complete the program, you may be able to have your case dismissed or have probation successfully terminated. It’s important to understand where to start, so give us a call as soon as possible, as we work with veterans in these cases. We are waiting to hear from you.