Prison Cell BarsOnly a few years ago, if you were charged as a violent criminal and sentenced to life under California law, usually you wouldn’t walk out of prison. Especially in California, even with the option of parole, life still meant life. However, things have been aggressively changing over the years for the criminal justice system in California, and today we see lifers being released every year. In fact, in 2009, 221 lifer inmates were released from prison on parole, which is two times the number from 2008. Many of these higher numbers are contributed to the result of a state Supreme Court decision that set new legal standards when determining who is suitable for parole and who is not.

Life sentences are one of the most severe penalties that are reserved for individuals who committed the most heinous crimes. You will usually see them in cases where an offender has inflicted great harm upon another person, or just assumed to be dangerous overall. Today we will visit some of these possible crimes, which could be helpful for you if you are facing these charges. Knowing where you stand is the best way to approach your case with caution and seek help from an experienced attorney.

Crimes That Lead to Life Imprisonment 

In many states, people agree that life imprisonment should be used over the death penalty, which is why they are treated so harshly. If you have committed a crime that could be seen as a threat to others, you could suffer the penalties of a life imprisonment. Here are some of the crimes that fall under this standard:

Aggravated Murder: When you plot and plan a crime before the murder occurs, you could be charged with a lifetime of imprisonment. This shows that you had time to consider all aspects of your crime and the consequences you could face, as well as threatening another person’s life before the crime was committed.

Sexual Battery: Crimes involving sexual battery or rape are usually severe enough to be punishable by life in many states. 

Kidnapping, Trafficking, Etc.: If you are responsible for subjecting another person to extreme violence through the acts of kidnapping, human trafficking, or drug trafficking, then you could see a life in prison. Gang leaders are sometimes required to serve a life sentence. 

Being a Repeat Offender: If you have committed the same crime over and over again, you can sometimes expect this sentence. This is especially true if the crime is particularly violent, such as multiple sexual assault cases over years.

Life in prison is unnerving and scary for many reasons, which is why it is a good idea to have an experienced attorney handle your case at all costs. Do not go it alone, speak to us today to see where you stand and what options you may have. Call us at The Law Offices of Peter Blair for more information.