Nobody wants to be accused of a crime they didn’t commit. This is why the laws are forever changing, such as one in California from this year where help is given to those who can prove their innocence: If a criminal defendant is found not guilty in California now, their public defender services are free of charge. This means that many defendants who are found to be innocent will have their charges reimbursed and will not owe anything to the public defender’s office, which is a big change from before. In nearly every jurisdiction, courts make defendants pay for services they receive as long as they are able to. Yes, things are changing, and this is why it is a good idea to have help on your side if you have been charged with a crime. How do you handle charges if you are innocent of the crime in which you have been accused?

Intervening Before Actual Charges 

When your case hits the prosecutor’s desk, all that they will typically see is the arresting report from the police officer – and this is the only insight they initially have on your case. Because there are usually misstatements and lies by witnesses, this could be filled with error and it is not unseen that you could end up charged with something you didn’t do.

Having a defense attorney on your side can ensure that you intervene before the charges are actually filed. If you have facts that back your position, you could intervene before the prosecution even thinks of filing charges. This could include contacting the officer that arrested you at the scene, or getting in touch with the prosecutor to talk to them about your case. Depending on the circumstances and how your attorney handles it, you can sometimes explain away the case and they may not think that it is worth it to charge you. This action typically won’t happen, but it is always worth a try.

On the other hand, you also have a chance at a dismissal. This means that the charges will be filed but you can stop everything from going further in its tracks. Your lawyer and you will sit down and investigate the incident thoroughly, which will mean gathering as much evidence as possible to show in your case. You will use this supporting evidence to show to the prosecutor, such as information that you weren’t actually at the scene of the crime that evening. There are many options available to you, so the best thing that you can do is to turn to a defense attorney in your time of need. Call us today, as we are waiting to hear from you about your case.