You’re facing prison or high fines and you want the most out of your case. You also don’t want to stand alone and have to defend yourself when you don’t know the first steps to a criminal case or raising a defense. This is why it is important to have the best criminal defense lawyer on your side. No criminal case is exactly like the next, which is why we want to help you understand your case and gain the start you deserve.

The Different Ways an Attorney Can Help 

It starts with much more than just heading into the courtroom and defending you against a crime. There are many things that a criminal defense lawyer can do, including the following points:

  • Your attorney will be able to try and help you get a deal when it comes to your case, such as a plea bargain. If you defend yourself, you might have a hard time going up against the prosecutor.
  • Your attorney will also help you figure out the best sentencing program for your situation. Perhaps you were convicted of a drug crime and you are facing years in prison. A diversion program might be better for you, and your attorney will realize this and help you fight for your rights.
  • You will also receive the reality check you deserve. You might not know anything about your particular crime. Maybe you have heard that people do ten years in prison for a specific crime, but the reality is that the laws might be different than you imagined. This is why it is important to have an attorney guiding you.
  • You might not have a broad understanding of the state legal system, which is why it pays to have an attorney. There are many unwritten rules of the court system and you want to have these benefits on your side.
  • Your attorney might also be able to get expert witnesses on your side who can prove your innocence so that you aren’t doing that alone.

Many people think that they can defend themselves when it comes to a crime, but this might not be the case. No number of textbooks will help you when it’s either you on your own or the help from an experienced attorney that you deserve. Call us for more help with your case at the Law Office of Peter Blair. We are waiting to hear from you.