Lawyer Addressing the JuryWhen you work with a criminal defense attorney, many things will be considered – one of them being a major focus on what the prosecutor is planning to do. If the prosecutor executes a story with the defendant at the scene of the crime, an attorney will typically move the attention to another location to prove that they couldn’t have possibly committed the crime. However, this does not mean that the defendant and the attorney will lie on trial – being open and honest about a case is the best way to go for the best results.

Telling the Truth 

Telling a truthful story in many different ways can work as a defense strategy that could be helpful to your case. The prosecutor and defense attorney could be telling the same story, this is true, but they could tell it in different ways that could lead to the defendant being innocent or guilty. In one case, the prosecutor may show that the defendant’s car was being used as a getaway car. However, with help from the attorney, they may show that his car was actually stolen and another criminal had used it. 

Creating the Criminal Defense Strategy in Your Case 

When the story adds up, the defendant and their attorney will typically speak to one another about the strategy that will work best for them in court. For this, they will look at witness credibility, figure out the reputation of the defendant, and many other legal factors. In one case, a defendant may have possibly committed a crime, but the police did not inform him of his right to be silent or have an attorney present during questioning. Because of this, the defense attorney may be able to file a pre-trial motion omitting the police confession from evidence because of this.

Telling the complete truth can sometimes lead to a lesser charge, which is why it is always important. There are many strategies that may be available to you when you speak to an attorney. This is why it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side every step of the way.