Criminal Defenses   There are many defenses to crimes, and there are many cases in which defendants try to use these defenses to their benefit. One of the most common defenses is self-defense, though there are many more. Was it reasonable for you to use self-defense in a specific crime, or would it be found unreasonable by the courts when they see all of the information provided?

Do I Have to Wait For the Other Party to Strike?

Often times, you do not have to wait for the other party involved in a crime to strike you or possibly kill you before you use force to stop them. If a reasonable person under the same circumstances would think that they are about to be harmed, then they would have the right to strike first against the aggressor. However, the defendant’s force should always be reasonable. If somebody has slapped you, for example, and you proceed to kill them because of it… that would not be seen as reasonable under any circumstances. Returning the slap or pushing the person away from you forcefully may be a better choice.

When Are These Defenses Raised?

Defense attorneys are trained particularly when it comes to defenses and what will work in trial. They will use a variety of different arguments to protect a defendant’s rights and make the prosecution use the utmost of proof in trial. Defense attorneys will usually bring up defenses before charges are actually brought, as the prosecution may then decide that they should pursue lesser charges or not even bring charges in the first place. There are many acceptable times in which a defense can be raised. For instance, some defenses are presented to the grand jury while others are presented at pre-trial or the trial itself. However, it should always be done strategically because it could be life or death for outcome of the case.   If you believe you have a case, call The Law Office of Peter Blair. We are trained with the experience necessary to help you in your time of need, and fight aggressively for your rights.