If you were charged with drug dealing, you know that it could lead to very serious felony penalties, no matter what drug you issued – marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and more. You will be charged with “possession with the intent to distribute” and could receive punishments of many years in prison and huge fines depending on how much you sold. Here is a range for reference:

  • Less than a gram: About 2 years in prison
  • 1-4 grams: 20-20 years in prison
  • 4-200 grams: 5-99 years in prison
  • 200-400 grams: 10-99 years in prison
  • 400 grams or more: 15-99 years in prison

What if there were more serious results that came out of drug dealing? What if you sold drugs to somebody and they overdosed and died? What does the law say about this?

The truth is, a growing number of prosecutors are handling these types of cases very seriously and prosecuting drug dealers harshly when they overdose on heroin and other drugs as a result of a deal gone wrong. This means that, if your dealing led to a death, you could suffer stiff penalties that target you as well as many others under your supply chain in connection with your crime.

In many states, they follow a “strict liability for drug death” statute that seeks long-term prison sentences for those who have sold and the drugs have led to a drug death. It could even come with a 20-year prison maximum sentence. Recently, overdose accidents were treated as just that – ‘accidents.’ But now, law enforcement officials realize that overdoses are now a crime caused by another party who sold an illegal drug. You could find in your case that officials go as far as to read cellphone texts and track many other messaging services to find out who sold the drug that led to a death.

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