ISTOCK IMAGE ID 16769056If someone has been charged with a crime, he or she remains innocent until proven guilty in California. If that individual is found guilty by a jury in a court of law, he or she then is convicted of that crime, however. To get a verdict for conviction, a prosecutor must prove to the jury that the defendant is guilty of that crime beyond a reasonable doubt. This often can be more difficult to prove than one would think. This is because the defendant, most likely, has teamed up with a highly skilled criminal defense lawyer to present a defense to the jury on his or her behalf. When the right defense is presented, it can be difficult for the jury to find the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Understanding Defense for Criminal Charges

The members of the jury, and even sometimes, the judge presiding over the courtroom, have the moral obligation not to convict a possible offender of a crime unless they are 100 percent certain of his or her guilt. If there is even a slight doubt about whether the defendant truly committed a crime, then a conviction should not result, due to the reasonable doubt that exists.

Even if the members of the jury think the defendant probably did the crime, an aggressive criminal defense attorney will show them that thinking is not knowing, therefore reasonable doubt does exist. At the same time, however, the prosecutor will be attempting to sway the members of the jury that there is no reasonable doubt of guilt, however. Much to the defendant’s advantage, though, if often is easier for a strong criminal defense lawyer to raise some reasonable doubt concerning the defendant’s guilty than it is for a good prosecutor to get every member of the jury to totally believe the defendant is guilty of the allegations against him or her.

How can a Criminal Defense Attorney Establish Reasonable Doubt?

The goal of a criminal defense attorney is to prove the innocence of his or her client or establish reasonable doubt. One of the primary ways that a criminal defense attorney can establish reasonable doubt is to convince the jury there is a possibility that another individual actually committed the crime at hand. Perhaps, the defendant was somewhere other than where the crime took place, at the same time the crime happened. If the defendant was in another location, and proof is presented, then the jury would then have reasonable doubt concerning the guilt of the client.  By hiring a criminal defense attorney for representation, a defendant has a favorable opportunity for reasonable doubt to be established. A criminal defense attorney looks for different ways to demonstrate reasonable doubt. He or she seeks to have the members of the jury think twice before proceeding with a conviction.

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