Accidental DentWhen a hit and run accident occurs, somebody hits somebody whether on foot or in a vehicle and fails to provide their name, contact information, and license number. If you are involved in an accident, you must legally do this so a hit and run is automatically made illegal. Just by stopping and talking to the other driver does not automatically mean that you are admitting guilt. This means that you won’t automatically be found guilty just because you stopped and gave another driver your contact information. Assisting somebody is in the same arena. However, every year, people continue to drive away from accident scenes because they feel as if they will be found guilty for their actions. Is there ever a defense you can use in these cases?

Defenses in a Hit and Run 

Yes, surprisingly enough, there are defenses that you can use in hit and run accident cases if you are the defendant. This includes some of the following:

Emergency Situation: In very, very few situations a hit and run may occur due to an attempt to prevent an emergency. However, judges will view these circumstances very strictly.

Involuntary Intoxication: If somebody was given the wrong medication and it had effects on them that caused them to drive recklessly, they may be forgiven in a hit and run case. This type of intoxication can sometimes impair a person’s consciousness or ability to make reasonable decisions.

Lack of Knowledge: If the defendant is not aware of the fact that they caused an injury, then they cannot be held liable. However, if the court determines that they were acting recklessly, it will not be used as a defense.

There are many legal consequences to a hit and run, which is why you should have us on your side through the process. In many cases, hit and run will be seen as a misdemeanor unless they were violent intentions or other circumstances. Call us today for more information on how we can help you at The Law Office of Peter Blair.