Every year, real cases of mistaken identity come into place across California and the rest of the United States. Unfortunately, this could easily lead to a wrongful conviction. If somebody claims that they saw you at the scene of a crime, what is the best way to prove that you didn’t actually commit the crime? Do you have protections or are you left to handle your claim on your own, knowing that you could be charged and convicted for something you did not do?

There are many famous cases popping up across California and many other states where mistaken identity played a role. Many years ago, when DNA tests weren’t a thing, we didn’t have much to rely on. No, many people are being exonerated for crimes they were once accused of because DNA testing has been implemented and is proving that they were not actually guilty. What happens when you’re pulled into a line-up and somebody swears that it was you but you know you can’t rely on the person who holds your fate in their hands?

When Mistaken Identity Comes Into Play

In some cases, you can claim that somebody else did it when you know that you are not guilty of a crime and want to prove it to others. Attorneys will work tediously so that they can cast doubts and show the judge or jury that the eyewitness might not be as trustworthy as it seems. Perhaps they can show that the eyewitness was hysterical at the time and might have missed key evidence, or that the ‘movie theater’ you were at that night was impossible because you were actually in another area. There are many ways that you can show evidence if you are being charged with a crime that you know you didn’t commit.

You might find these issues in the most minor cases like theft to some of the most serious murder cases. If you believe that mistaken identity plays a role in your case, you might have questions for us. Call us for more information at the Law Office of Peter Blair.