When you have been charged with a domestic violence crime, you may wonder what options you have, what penalties you may face, and so much more. Luckily, we can help you gain a better understanding during your time of need. No matter what the situation or circumstances, we can help you understand what you will face from your criminal charges.


What are domestic violence charges? Domestic violence is when you willfully bring violence against another person you are in a relationship with. This does not just include those who are married. It also includes ordinary relationships or disputes with those who you have children with. If the police show up to a domestic violence act, they can decide if there is enough evidence to make an arrest, leading to a felony or misdemeanor. 

What happens if I have been arrested for domestic abuse but my spouse wants to drop the charges? That is not up to your spouse – that is up to the state attorney. If the prosecution allows a spouse to drop charges, the cycle of abuse could continue.

What penalties could I be facing? It depends on the circumstances in your case and the severity of the incident, if you have received similar convictions in the past, if you were on probation when it occurred, and aggravating circumstances. 

What if there were no physical injuries from the incident? Hitting, punching, or kicking someone is not the only type of assault. Even in cases where you have repeatedly threatened your partner or mentally abused them, you could face charges in some cases. 

How can you help me defend myself? Perhaps there was insufficient evidence to make an arrest in your case, or you were defending yourself from your spouse through self-defense. In many cases involving custody battles that become high-tension quickly, you could see false accusations being made. This is why it is best to call an experienced defense attorney to talk about your case and unearth all possible defenses that could be brought in your case.

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