Just this past week, Senior U.S. and Mexican government officials discussed the state of California’s drug trafficking problems and agreed to work together to fight international drug trafficking organizations and criminal enterprises across the border. This has been a growing issue in California for many years. When people think of drug trafficking, they think of major organizations, but this is not always the case – some cases of trafficking take place on a much smaller level. If you have been arrested and charged with drug trafficking, this means that you have participated in a crime of selling, transporting, or illegally importing unlawful controlled substances. Some of the most common drugs include heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and more.

How the Prosecutor Makes a Case 

Sometimes, making a case can be more difficult than you may think, which is good news for your case. Drug trafficking and drug possession go hand in hand, as they require you as the defendant to understand that you possessed an illegal substance. If you had no idea that you had the drug on you, then you can’t be charged with this crime. If the prosecutor in your case can show that you sold, transported, or imported the drug, then your crime would be charged as a felony. Your case will look like a drug trafficking event if they found certain paraphernalia on you when you were arrested, such as a scale or business cards.


Drug trafficking, of course, is different from drug possession in the way that it is charged harshly. If you have been arrested and charged, you could see both state and federal charges. Depending on the drug you possessed, the penalties could be harsher. For instance, you may not be charged as harshly for trafficking marijuana than you would heroin. If the prosecution decides to tack on an enhancement, your crime could be considered even more serious. This could, for example, happen in a case where you sold drugs in a school zone.

Have you been charged with the crime of drug trafficking? This crime is extremely serious and you could risk years in prison and huge fines. Because of this, we want to help. Call us today for more information.