If you are charged with a DUI in California, you know that you will face certain penalties that occur after these charges. For the most basic DUI, like first convictions, a defendant could receive a $390 fine as well as several days in prison. But let’s assume something else: Let’s assume that there was bodily injury or death resulting from your DUI. This changes things, and will increase the penalties in your case.

The Charges You Could Face 

Whereas somebody who receives their first time misdemeanor DUI, somebody who seriously injures or kills someone as a result of a DUI could face felony charges and years in prison for their crime. The prosecution has several options, including the following:

  • DUI enhancements will lead to heavier penalties. This could make the difference between a couple of days in prison to several years, or thousands of dollars instead of hundreds.
  • California has vehicular manslaughter laws specific to deaths that occur from DUI cases. When you have committed this crime, under California laws you will be charged with “negligent vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated.” Under these laws, you could face four years to life in prison.

And, if you have been convicted of prior offenses involving DUIs in the past, you could receive an increased sentence as well. You never know what is going to happen until you are in front of the judge in your case. Criminal cases are not the only aspect that you need to worry about in these cases. It could also lead to a civil lawsuit, which could lead to damages and victim restitution that you will have to pay in the midst of your hearing.

As you can see, the consequences in these cases are very serious. You should never attempt to handle these cases on your own, which is why you may need assistance from a defense attorney experienced in DUI cases. We can help you in your time of need.