iStock_000047763880_Large.jpgUpon arresting a suspected criminal or wrapping up an investigation on an individual, law enforcement personnel in California present their evidence to the district attorney. The district attorney will review the potential case and choose the criminal charges to file. He also may decide, after thoroughly evaluating the evidence, that criminal charges are not appropriate at this time. Many believe they do not need legal counsel until they have been arrested or charged with a crime. Some criminal defense lawyers even may advise a potential client to wait during this time period to see if charges result or not before hiring him or her for representation. However, an aggressive California attorney may actually be able to halt the looming charges from being filed at all.

By setting up a meeting with the district attorney concerning the potential case, a talented defense lawyer could convince him or her charges are not warranted. On behalf of his or her client, the defense attorney will present the other side of the story. Often, a district attorney can better understand the defendant’s suggested actions by reviewing statements, evidence and other information gathered and presented by a skilled defense attorney. It is important for the district attorney to know and understand more than just the police’s take on the matter. A talented criminal defense lawyer will show the district attorney the entire picture. If charges are not dropped after contemplating both sides of the potential case, a defense attorney often can convince the district attorney to instead lessen the charges, often from felony charges to misdemeanor charges.

Facing charges or part of an ongoing investigation?

Even in the early stages of a criminal case, while law enforcement is working to narrow down the suspects and focus on a single person, a criminal defense lawyer can make a big impact.

It is important to understand it still may be possible to stop criminal charges from being filed with the district attorney, even if an arrest already has taken place, however. Don’t let the district attorney make his or her decision based only on the information that was presented by the police. Facing criminal charges can cause a great deal of anxiety. The experience does not have to be traumatic, however. It is extremely beneficial to select a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Let my office work on the behalf of you or a loved one. Based on the timing, my office may be able to intervene early enough, before the charges are filed. The district attorney’s decision can be swayed by the right California criminal defense attorney. If you are accused of a crime or discover you or a loved one are a suspect in any criminal investigation, contact my office today. I often am able to conduct an independent investigation and gather evidence, witness testimony and other compelling information to support your innocence. early intervention, before charges are filed, can be crucial!