A bail hearing can be a stressful scenario that makes you wonder what will happen next in the trial process. The judge assigned to your case will look at many aspects, especially the nature of your charges and how serious they are. They will also take a close look at any evidence that has been used against you and the danger that you could pose to the community around you, and this will be considered as they question whether or not you should receive bail.

What if You Are Determined to be a Risk? 

A lot can happen if you are determined to be a risk to the community. If you are found to be a risk, then in most cases, you will be held without bail. In other cases, you could be released on personal recognizance if you promise that you will stay out of crime’s way and will not commit any crimes during the period of your release. Because, if you do, you could be charged harshly by the court the next time around.

Perhaps the court has assessed your risk and found that you are unsafe or that you may fail to appear based on past circumstances. In these cases, a number of conditions could be imposed to ensure that you will stick around. Some of these include limiting travel, maintaining employment, undergoing treatment, complying with a curfew, refraining from alcohol use, complying with periodic check-ins with authorities, executing a bond agreement, and more. And, if the court believes that you should not have been given bail because you are a flight risk or an immediate risk to the community, a bail appeal could occur.

As you can see, there are a variety of bail situations that could occur in your case depending on the crime and how severe it was. Because of this, it helps to have a defense attorney on your side. We have experience in these cases and can help you in your time of need.