You are probably familiar with Domestic Violence, as you’ve watched the news and seen the movies, sometimes accurately portraying how a family member or loved one can act out against someone in a violent way. But what happens when you’re watching your own story unfold because somebody has falsely accused you of domestic violence? Where do you turn in a situation where it seems impossible to defend yourself and your innocence?

Defending Against Charges

When you want to show the courts that you have not actually committed a crime of domestic violence, you do so in two ways: You attempt to show the prosecution has not been able to prove their case based on the evidence presented, or that your actions were done in self defense depending on the circumstances. The prosecution will try to show that you committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt by asking these specific questions:

  • Was the victim a protected person under domestic violence laws, such as a person you had a relationship with in some way?
  • Did stalking, assault, harassment, and other violent actions actually occur?
  • Did the defendant actually commit the act?
  • Has the prosecution been able to prove the elements pointing toward the crime?

Turning to an Attorney For Help

At the Law Office of Peter Blair, our approach will give you the strength to move forward with your case and show that what was said verbally or written on the police report is usually far from what actually occurred at the alleged crime. We will help you gather evidence and work past the legal barriers to get results when you have been accused of this heinous crime.

It is usually impossible to guess how you will be charged when a domestic violence case is looming overhead. If you had prior offenses or were charged with a felony, you may have more difficulty navigating the legalities of your case than somebody who has no history and was only charged with a misdemeanor. No matter the charges, we are here to help you move past your domestic violence case with a fresh start.

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