In the past, you may have heard stories about men falsely being accused of rape when the crime never actually occurred. You may even be living a story similar to this and wonder where you can turn. The truth is, the percentage of false accusations is very low even though the media can sometimes make it look very differently. Only approximately 2% of rape and sex charges are determined to be false, according to the FBI. This is very similar to the percentage of all other felonies. On another note, only about 40% of people will come forth with allegations and every other crime will be left alone, never to be reported. If you have been falsely accused of this crime, you are part of a very low percentage – but you have rights. And now you can find out where to turn and what to do with your case.

One man named Jay Cheshire lost his life due to false allegations made against him when he was only seventeen years old. He was acquitted of the charges after the false allegations were withdrawn only two weeks after being filed. The girl who filed charges against him said that he was a rapist and a sexual offender, which brought absolute destruction to the young man’s life. As a result, two weeks after he was acquitted of the charges, he hung himself. Unfortunately, this is something that is typically avoided in the media even though it happens frequently. Far too often, people are falsely accused of being sex offenders and committing these heinous crimes when they didn’t, and it changes their life negatively for time to come. So what can more young and older men do to protect themselves against false accusations?

Steps to Take if You Have Been Falsely Accused

Sadly, false accusations are an ugly reality and this is why you should always be prepared “just in case.” Prosecutors can sometimes be unfair and side with the women who falsely accused the man solely because they believe it could have been an honest mistake or there was a difference of opinion regarding consent matters. Prosecutors also do not want rape victims to feel fear of criminal sanctions if they have actually been raped and want to make a report. If somebody is legitimately raped, the courts believe that they should always have a chance to come forth. This is why the unfortunate matter of false accusations comes into play, even as a way for the woman to cry for help.

The wrongfully accused always has a right to fight back. If they are able to prove themselves innocent, then they also have a chance to bring a civil suit against the accuser. False statements that have been made to the police, media, or family and friends can typically give rise to civil liability. In 2011, a man was awarded $852,000 and full custody of his children when he showed the courts that his ex-wife had falsely accused him of assaulting his daughters. He lost his job and had a hard time dealing with court battles but, in the end, came out on top due to the false accusations and proving them wrong.

Yes, false accusations can be extremely damaging but this is not the end of the line for you. If you have been wrongfully accused of rape, then you should speak to an experienced attorney about your case. At The Law Office of Peter Blair, we can help you pursue remedies against your accuser. It can be a very complicated case, but we have the technique to handle it from start to finish.