Cost of drinkingThere are many things that you may be worried about when you receive a DUI. Some of these things may include how much time you’ll spend in prison, or what other penalties will follow. One of the things that you may not consider upfront is the cost of a first-time DUI. Luckily for you, people across the United States have reported costs of DUIs as they were received, and we have compiled a list of costs and what it could mean for your case. Keep in mind, each case is different.

Obtaining a DUI Average 

When readers in various parts of the US responded to a survey on the average cost of a DUI, they arrived at one number: $6,500. However, readers were included in this survey who were not found guilty or their charges were dismissed. We wouldn’t leave you hanging, so we will explain how these numbers were arrived at.


  • Readers paid just under $2,000 in attorney fees and expenses. This included those who had the guidance of a public defender and private attorneys.
  • $1,100 came from the court fees and fines. If somebody is not convicted, then they would not pay.
  • Usually with a DUI, you will pay about $800 more a year in increased car insurance premiums.
  • As part of your sentencing, you will usually be required to complete traffic school or substance abuse education, which could cost roughly $360 or more.
  • Sometimes there are DMV fees associated with your consequences. You may need license reinstatement, which costs around $260 in fees.
  • If you were required to receive an ignition interlock device, it could cost about $170.
  • Towing and storage of your vehicle after a DUI accident could cost around $170 as well.
  • If you were arrested for your DUI and spent time in jail, you probably considered bail. Bail will cost about $150 on average.

Keep in mind, these costs will vary depending on your state and the actual circumstances of your DUI. It is important to speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible if you have received a DUI, so call us today.