When someone is convicted of a DUI charge, it does not always end in prison time. In fact, with overpopulation of prisons and many first-time offenders being charged, it is more likely to see other options like probation being used. Often times, the probation term will range anywhere from a few months to a few years. You may have some questions, however, concerning your probation. For instance, you may wonder what rules you will have to abide by and when you will be able to have your probation terminated. We have answers.

Conditions of Your DUI Probation 

Probation can also be used alongside jail and fines for a DUI. There are many conditions you may have to abide by if you have been sentenced to probation, but the conditions will largely depend upon the crime at hand. Here are some of the most common types:

Driver’s License Suspension: DUI probation may consist of restrictions on your license, or an all-out suspension. 

Community Service: Community service work may also be issued, which in many cases includes things like cleaning up roadsides. 

Zero Tolerance Requirements: You may be subject to zero-tolerance rules, which means tat you cannot have any alcohol, even under 0.08 percent.

DUI School: You may have to take mandatory alcohol classes or attend a DUI prevention program.

No Criminal Offenses: You cannot be convicted of any other crime during the probationary period. If you violate this, you are violating probation and could deal with other criminal penalties.

Ignition Interlock: You could have an ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle, which can show how much alcohol is on your breath.

Ankle Monitoring: An ankle monitor may be attached to your ankle and will monitor your alcohol use.

Can You Get a DUI Probation Terminated Early? 

It depends. If you request early termination, the judge will look at a variety of factors in your case at present, such as whether or not you have been complying with your terms of probation, whether or not you are halfway through your probation period, if you have completed all requirements of the probation like paying off your fines, and if you have a good recommendation from your parole officer. These are things you may consider before moving forward in your case.

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