If you or a loved one has been charged with a juvenile underage drinking crime, you may have already found out how the juvenile justice system works and how it is different from that of an adult. It is a scary reality that, every year, teenagers are found drinking and driving. The rate of accidents caused by alcohol is higher for drivers between the age of 16-20 than it is for adults over 21, the legal drinking age. With this reality in mind, it is no wonder that every year teenagers are being charged with underage drinking.

Zero Tolerance Laws 

Zero tolerance laws were created in response to a high level of injuries and deaths stemming from drunk driving in the early 80s; however, they are still apparent today. This is why, if someone under 21 years is causing driving with alcohol in their blood, they will be arrested for a DUI immediately. Every state handles these cases differently and could arrest a minor even if their blood alcohol is over 0.00 percent.

There are many consequences for a teenager who has been found to be drinking underage. The court system is quite harsh on teenagers who have been drinking, maybe even harsher than on adults, because they are drinking illegally. You will usually find that many other charges result from a teenage DUI conviction, such as child endangerment laws, minor in possession of alcohol, and so much more – and don’t be surprised to find that you could be charged with a minor DUI and an adult DUI at the same time, further increasing your penalties. The effects of drunk driving could leave an impact on your time for some time, with jail time and years of probation keeping you from living your everyday life.


Luckily, there are options for you. In California, prevention and intervention efforts play a large role in juvenile cases of every kind. There are always rehabilitative measures put in place to help juveniles that have been put in a bad place or made wrong decisions. We are willing to fight for your rights and help you with your juvenile DUI charge today. Call us for more information on how we can help you.