About Our American Flag

Radiant American FlagThis Fourth of July, you may wonder where the history of our flag originally stemmed from. The truth is, our knowledge in that area only goes so far because of the legends that have been invented and changed over the years. As we know it, the American flag was originally created by Betsy Ross, who was acquainted with George Washington and worked as a seamstress. So the story goes, in 1776 General Washington as well as two representatives paid a visit to Ross at her shop and showed her a rough design that had been made. Washington wanted a flag that had a star using six points; however, when Ross took a look at it she stood firmly on her idea of a five-pointed star. The legend goes that she showed the gentleman that the star could be cut with one quick snip of the scissors, and it won them over immediately.

The fact remains that historians were unable to verify these facts; however, Ross did make flags for the navy of Pennsylvania. We do know, however, that the first unofficial national flag (the Grand Union Flag) was raised at the behest of General Washington near his headquarters in 1776. On June 14, 1777, the first official national flag known as the Stars and Stripes was approved by Continental Congress. The blue canton contained 13 stars for the original 13 colonies, but over the years this of course changed.

These are the tales that inspire us today and bring us joy when we see our flag raised high, whether it be at a national monument or in a front yard. This Independence Day, remember our flag and what it stands for. We hope you enjoyed our video and your Fourth of July today.