Investigating a Case: Preparing for TrialOne of the most important components in preparing for a case and identifying a key defense strategy is interviewing witnesses, especially the prosecution’s witnesses. It also is important for a criminal defense attorney to uncover other pieces of important information relevant to the case. This new evidence may be essential for proving a defendant’s innocence.

Forms of Investigation
The following are ways the defense may come across key information to use during trial:

  1. Bringing in a scientific expert to test evidence or review the work of others.
  2. Hiring a private investigator to locate and interview witnesses who could be a help to the defense.
  3. Taking depositions of neutral witnesses.

It often is beneficial for the defense to also consult, during the investigation stage, with photographers who can document the crime scene; jury consultants; trial presentation specialists who can use technology to display important information at the trial; and sentencing experts.

Trial Preparation
Serious trial preparation should take about six months. This should serve as a time to conduct further investigations, take additional depositions, and serve additional documents to discover new evidence. Some of the materials used when preparing for a trial are the original notes obtained through client interviews; investigation reports; depositions; written documents; and medical records.

Using the Subpoena
In seeking information for the case, a criminal defense attorney may decide it is appropriate to use a subpoena to get the evidence he or she needs to defend the client. What is a subpoena? It is a court order issued at the request of a party requiring a witness to testify, produce specified evidence, or both. A subpoena specifically is used when a lawyer asks a witness to speak to him or her and the person refuses. Failure to comply with the subpoena can be seen as contempt of court and punishment for the individual may follow.

Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer
Preparing for trial shouldn’t involve simply reviewing the evidence already obtained. Rather, the defense should use several different investigative means in order to present the best possible case for the defendant. If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges, consult an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can work on your behalf, investigating all aspects of the case. Only a defense lawyer can protect your rights and properly investigate your case. An attorney will also be able to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do, regarding your case. For example, your lawyer may ask you to provide all the information you can possibly think of regarding witnesses, locations, events, and people who have nice things to say about you. The Law Office of Peter Blair is available to help your case. Call today to find out how!