Over the years, juvenile crimes have taken on many changes, growing in severity at some points in history and decreasing ever since. For instance, in 1994, juvenile crimes were at an all-time high since the 80s and have declined every year since. However, we still see these crimes happening in our daily lives. What are some of the most common types of juvenile crimes and why is it important to retain an attorney?

Common Crimes Committed by Juveniles 

Most of the juvenile crimes that are committed in California are also first-time offenses. A wide variety of them are not severe crimes like the most serious homicides and grand thefts, but instead misdemeanors. Some of the most common include vandalism, shoplifting and other petty theft, simple assault due to fighting incidents, underage drinking, or joyriding. Luckily, in our criminal justice system, it is rare to see these crimes charged the same way as an adult, and instead the system works to rehabilitate juveniles and keep them from future crime.

Does This Mean I Need an Attorney? 

In every juvenile case, it can pay to have a dedicated and experienced attorney on your side. These cases can become entirely complicated and we understand the laws in regards to your specific case. When a juvenile case is referred to juvenile court, an officer or prosecutor will decide whether or not they want to dismiss the matter or file formal charges for the crime. Because the juvenile will have to appear, this can become a confusing matter and one where you will desire having an attorney on your side to help you understand the process.

If formal charges are filed, this opens up many opportunities. Have us deal with this very specific area of law and give you guidance on every matter. The arraignment, hearing, plea, trial, and more can be confusing for a young person or their parents, so have us help you today. Call us for more information.