There are limitations on weapons in every single state. Some states do not allow open carry, while others do. Some states make it a crime to possess certain types of weapons, while other states do not have the same laws against it. However, what happens when a juvenile possesses a weapon that they are not supposed to? Will they be charged the same way as an adult?

Facing the Juvenile Courts

When juveniles are caught with an illegal weapon, their case will probably be handled much differently than that of an adult’s. Instead of going through the adult criminal justice system, juveniles are sent through the juvenile court system, which offers more support and counseling to help juveniles move forward with their lives after a crime has been committed. State weapon laws apply to juveniles and adults, but adults are more likely to face penalties like incarceration, probation, and extensive fines.

Age Restrictions on Weapons 

The possession of firearms is usually a protected right in states. However, it is usually illegal to possess explosives, exploding ammunition, gas guns, and more. States typically prohibit juveniles under 18 from possessing weapons that adults are able to possess. This means that, unless you are 18, you usually can’t possess a handgun or rifle. Some states even have restrictions on those under 16 possessing BB guns and air rifles. There are only exceptions when a juvenile is under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian, such as during the hunting training process.

Those who break these laws could receive many different types of penalties. In some cases, a juvenile could experience something as small as a warning and no penalty. However, in the more severe cases, they could endure community service, diversion programs, probation for at least 6 months, or juvenile detention when their charge is very serious. Perhaps, for instance, there was violence involved in their case and they pose a threat to others.

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