Knowing Your Rights When Stopped by Police, Immigration Agents, and FBIWhat happens if you are stopped by police, immigration agents, or the FBI? You may feel intimidated by the encounter but if you remain calm, the encounter does not have to take a turn for the worse. For instance, you should always remember what rights you have in this type of situation. You have a right to remain silent and also a right to say so out loud that you wish to remain silent. You can also refuse to have you, your car, or your home searched unless it is warranted that the police may search any property. If you are not under arrest, you have the right to calmly walk away from the situation. However, you also have responsibilities that you must abide by. You must not get out of hand in the situation, so you should always stay calm and be polite to the officer or FBI agent. You must also never lie or give false documents because you could be incriminating yourself when all is said and done. After the encounter is over, you should keep a detailed entry about what happened so that you have something to go back on later, as well as speak with your family if you feel that you will be arrested. This will help them prepare. You make yourself look suspicious if you attempt to run from an officer. This is why, if you see one approaching, you should be as calm and collected as possible so the encounter goes smoothly and works in your favor. Trying to avoid the police and immigration agents will never work out in your favor – they will catch up to you in time. The police will also typically “pat you down” if they suspect that you have anything illegal on you. Knowing your rights can only benefit you in the end.

What Happens if You Are Being Stopped in Your Vehicle?

The first thing to remember is that, when you are being pulled over, you should always remain inside your vehicle unless you are told to get out. Cooperating with the police on any matters will always work in your best interest. The police officer, if they believe that you might be dangerous, have a right to give you a “pat-down” search. Never speak first, as the police officer will ask to see your license or vehicle registration. Hand them documents they need like your license or vehicle registration when asked. So, what happens if an officer or immigration agent wants to take a look inside your vehicle? You are allowed to refuse to consent to the search. However, they may have probable cause that there is evidence of a crime inside your vehicle. In that case, your car can be searched without your consent. One of the best things that you can do in any situation is ask for a lawyer immediately. With a lawyer present, much cannot be done. You do not have to do questioning without a lawyer or answer anything that is being thrown at you. You will also have a right to make a phone call without police listening when your lawyer is with you. They will be able to offer information on criminal convictions and what to expect if worst comes to worst. Do you want an attorney on your side that understands your rights with police and immigration agent run-ins? Then you want to make an important phone call to the Law Office of Peter Blair today so you can get started. It may benefit your future for the best!