Laws Regarding TeenagersNobody ever said the teenager years are easy, for the teenagers themselves or the parents involved. With this being said, the law expects both teenagers and adults alike to behave properly to avoid facing serious repercussions with the law. There are many legal issues that teenagers may face depending on the situations. If you believe your teen is in need of an attorney for a serious legal issue, you can find out what to do next.

Social Media and Teens

In 2015, a teenager named Ronan Hughes who was only 17 years old committed suicide after he was duped into posting images on the internet by other teens. These teenagers had intimidated Hughes and made him feel like he was not part of the school or teams that he had been accustomed to, such as the GAA (Gaelic Athletics Association). Unfortunately, this happens all too often in our day and age with social media grasping onto the lives of many. Many are now warning about what should be done when it is suspected that someone is being harassed on the Internet by teenagers – police should be called and risks should be learned. You may have heard similar stories in the news where teenagers were charged because they lead their peers to suicide. You may ask: What are the legal ramifications of this? Who pays for a lost life? A parent may be feeling confused when they initially discover that their child has been involved in a crime or serious legal trouble. Many parents will turn a blind eye and believe that their child is incapable of doing anything like this. However, it is when the blind eye is turned that the trouble begins. Too few parents and school administrators watch what is happening on the Internet involving teenagers. Parents must act as an advocate and guide the way for their teenager, monitoring many aspects of their lives.


Another huge question you may have is this: Who is held responsible when a teenager breaks the law? We know that teens are young and still learning every step of the way, and that parents must watch over them. If a crime occurred because of the parent’s lack of care, then the parent could actually face criminal charges as well. One should always keep in mind, however, that the teen is usually the one being prosecuted and charged for their behavior. The teen will usually face charges based on things like age, their ability to decide right from wrong, and what record they had prior to the crime. Many parents should be aware that, if their teenager commits a crime, they would probably have to foot the bill. What happens if a teenager gets into a fight with somebody at school and causes them serious injury, landing them in the hospital? Under the law, they would be held responsible for paying for their medical treatment. However, what happens if they have no job or means of income? The parents may have to pay.

Teens and Drinking

Another huge issue involving teenagers is getting ahold of alcohol illegally. It is a parent’s duty of care to not supply alcohol to their underage teenagers as well as any of their friends. This means that furnishing or serving alcohol (making it available and delivering it knowingly) could lead to criminal charges if illegalities result from such. It is negligence to supply alcohol to minors. Parents must never feel like they are betraying their children when the law is involved and they make them pay for their actions. Today’s children must be protected, this much is true. However, if legal issues arise, it is time to face the facts. If you believe that your child has committed a crime or they have already been arrested for a crime and you are unsure of what options you have, you should call an attorney you can trust. Contact the Law Office of Peter Blair today for more information on what you can do!