You would be surprised to find that many people who commit drug crimes every year have been charged or convicted with violent crimes. So, what happens if you are one of the many people who are facing drug charges but you are considered legally as a non-violent drug offender? You might find that there are many other laws that dictate the penalties you could be facing during this difficult time. And when does the law consider you a non-violent drug offender?

Consequences to Non-Violent Drug Offenders 

You are considered to be a non-violent drug offender if you are not inherently violent when it comes to having drugs or consuming them. When eating, drinking, or taking illicit drugs, you might be non-violent if you are not a threat in any way to public safety. This means that you have never personally burglarized somebody while armed or shot somebody over drugs. You are considered to be somebody who only poses a harm to yourself by consuming drugs. Though you have not acted aggressively, you could still find that there are many penalties that apply to your case.

You might be surprised to find that you will still receive hefty penalties as a non-violent offender. Violence is only a factor that will increase sentences for drug offenders. You might find that one of the best ways to move forward is with the help of an experienced defense attorney. You want to be able to say all the right things when it comes to your case as well as gather as much proof of your innocence. You might be faced with negotiating a deal, which will put you in a better situation so that you can escape some of the jail time or have less fines to deal with down the road.

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