1When you receive a DUI, there are usually two things that you have in mind: What penalties will I sustain? How will an attorney be able to help me? You may be thinking forward in your case and wonder what your outcome will be, especially if this is your first offense and you are unsure of how it works. We will help you understand the answer to these questions and more.

Common DUI Penalties 

Diversion Programs: These programs are typically only offered to first-time offenders as a way to avoid criminal convictions on your record. They are dependent on the severity of your DUI crime.

DUI Court Courses: Almost every DUI will include an alcohol class that is aimed at educating drivers and preventing DUIs in the future. 

Ignition Interlocks: These devices force drivers to give a breath sample in order to start the car. These are sometimes given after a first-time offense, but usually after multiple offenses. 

Probation: DUI offenders could be places on probation, giving them restrictions to obey that could lead to jail time if they disobey.

Restitution: You could be on the hook for restitution if your DUI resulted in an accident with injuries or property damage.

Why Having an Attorney Could Help 

Legal representation is one of the first places you should turn when you have been charged with a DUI. You have a better chance of sustaining a good outcome when you have an attorney on your side. 65% of people will be convicted of a DUI even if they have an attorney on your side, proving that a huge percentage will have a better outcome. 12% of these people will have their charges dismissed. You may even be able to work out a standard deal with the prosecution in your case depending on the circumstances. You may pay less and spend less time fighting your case when you have an attorney on your side, so turn to us today. We have experience in DUI cases and can help you from start to finish.