When you have been accused of committing a crime, you may feel scared and have a desperate desire to accept a plea offer that is made by the prosecutor. However, in many cases this is not a good idea because the first offer made to you may not be the best one. Instead, you should always weigh your options and only accept the best deal. There are some questions you should ask yourself.

What You Must Consider 

Of course, before you move on with any major decision in the process, you should speak to your attorney. Speaking to a well-versed criminal attorney will help you understand the legal process better and help you determine whether or not the offer you receive is the best one. They may also take a look at evidence against you and determine whether or not it is possible to dispute the charges. If the case against you isn’t very strong, the prosecution may not know how to move forward.

You must also have an experienced attorney on your side to determine whether or not you are actually being handed a bargain, or if it just seems this way. Prosecutors may just want to push you through the system faster, which means that you may not actually be receiving a bargain. You probably have an idea in your head of the worst thing that can happen in your case, and the prosecution must offer you something better than this. It is important to determine if the offer is really in your best interest because in many cases, a prosecutor is not looking out for your best interests. A prosecutor is not your legal advocate, which is where an attorney’s help is best for you.

You should also remember, lastly, that a plea bargain could forfeit your right to appeal issues in your case. You may waive the right to trial and be sentenced unfairly, which could lead to a case where you have no chance to appeal and nowhere to turn. Criminal prosecution is scary and you may be looking for a fast way out, but this may not always be the best way. Call us today to find out how we can assist you in your dire time of need at The Law Office of Peter Blair.