You, as the defendant in your criminal case, have the option of either pleading guilty or proceeding to trail. If you sit down with your defense attorney, there are a variety of scenarios and options that you will discuss, such as the pros and cons of going to trial. There are many consequences in choosing to plead guilty, which is why we want to help you understand the disadvantages and advantages and which option works best for you.

The Disadvantages of Pleading Guilty 

You may find that there are adverse results to sentencing when you decide to plead guilty. Your case may start to move very quickly, which means that sentencing will come faster. Depending on the crime in question, this could be a bad thing because it could mean that you will be going to prison or paying fines more quickly. For example, you may be in the midst of a great job and have to give up everything just to spend time in the prison system.

You may also find that there are consequences regarding a plea bargain, such as the plea bargain being ripped away from you just because you chose to plead guilty. This means that you could lose out on potential options for a better sentence that could be lighter on you. And, that’s not to say that there won’t be social consequences, either. You may lose professional licenses, have trouble finding employment, and so much more.

The Advantages of Pleading Guilty  

However, this does not mean that pleading guilty is completely thrown off the table, as there are advantages as well. For instance, in the same respect that some people may not want a speedy sentence, others might. They may be feeling dread or as if they are in “limbo” as they await the sentence, which can cause impacts on some. You may find that it saves you on expenses as well, because everything will move quickly and you may not spend as much time in the courtroom.

How We Can Help 

Because we will stand by your side through every decision, we want you to be informed from all views. We can walk you through some alternatives, such as diversion programs and plea bargains that may be helpful to you. Come talk to us today about your charges and how we may be able to play a role in your case.