Woman holding judge gavel. Law OfficeWhen you want to plead guilty after reviewing all of the facts of your case, you will still have to go through a process to do so. The judge must hear the guilty plea in open court so that it will become part of the record, starting a new process for you, the defendant. You will then either be sentenced right away or at a later sentencing hearing. Many judges will go forth with your decision provided the sentence is within the range of what is considered to be “fair.”

Do You Know What You’ve Giving up? 

If the deal seems fair, the judge will still want to talk to the defendant one-on-one. They do this as a way to ensure the defendant actually committed the offense that they are pleading guilty to. They must also make the defendant aware of their rights if they want to be found guilty for the crime. A defendant must admit the conduct made punishable by law, admit the charges against them, know the consequences of the plea, and know and understand their rights. They must also have a full understanding of the fact that they could be deported if they are convicted of a crime when they are not a U.S. citizen.

If You Were Unknowing 

Did you enter into a plea without counsel? If the judge did not make you aware of your rights, you may have grounds for a removed conviction from your record. It is important to be aware of these rights before you make the virtually life-changing decision to move forth with a guilty plea. Talk to an attorney that you can trust today at The Law Office of Peter Blair. We have the skills to defend you in your criminal case, no matter how big or small.